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above all things, to thine own self be true


"There was an indignant uproar after revelations that James Frey's bestselling memoir A Million Little Pieces contains fabrications. Hearing about it prompted me to ruminate on whether there's any such thing as a completely accurate account of any person's life. My conclusion: no. In every autobiography and biography ever written, the author imaginatively strings together selectively chosen details to conjure up artificially coherent narratives rather than depict the crazy-quilt ambiguity that actually characterizes everyone's journey. If you and nine writers set out to tell your life story, you'd produce ten wildly different tales, each rife with subjective interpretation, misplaced emphasis, unintentional distortions, and exorbitant extrapolations from insufficient data. Your assignment is to celebrate the malleability of reality. Regale listeners with stories about the time you worked as a pirate in the Indian Ocean, or rode the rails through Kansas as a hobo, or gave Donald Trump sage advice in an elevator."

- Rob Brezsny

24 25 26 27 (sigh) 28 29 30. Not a Tachikoma, sadly. Lives on an invincibly small island nicknamed "Disneyland with the Death Penalty" by a certain SF author. An extroverted introvert. Studies WoW, but needs to learn more about Life in general. Will probably listen to any thing once. Does badly at catergorising and naming. Rabid Neil Gaiman fan. Oogles at XX, XY, everything-in-between and Hamish Bowles. Polite lurker and/or stalker. Sometimes pimp in locked posts, mostly a bewildered pirate in the fierce interweb.

Am not Jack's medulla oblongata/colon/broken heart/wasted life/raging bile duct/complete lack of surprise.

This story need not be true.