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this is not the escapism you're looking for
undead priest

/reads Attack on Titan and gets upset when Marco (supposedly?) dies

/reads Attack on Titan and gets upset when decent characters only recently introduced die

/reads Attack on Titan and gets nervous when arms go missing

/reads Attack on Titan and gets really upset about Mike's death

Interviewer: How do you feel when a character dies?

Isayama: .Let's see. In the first place, the characters who appeared in Volume 1 were originally created with the intention to kill them off eventually so it's like aah, it's time for them to fulfill their role... Something like that. The reason there's a gap between what the person drawing is feeling and the people reading are feeling is because I'm the one bringing the characters to life from white paper so in the end, I just feel like they're drawings I've drawn on paper. So, that's why I'm able to kill characters that I had planned on killing without any hesitation.

...just needed to get that out of  my system.


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