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I miss the sea, the salty breeze. And being alone in a quiet spot of nature.

this is not the escapism you're looking for
undead priest

/reads Attack on Titan and gets upset when Marco (supposedly?) dies

/reads Attack on Titan and gets upset when decent characters only recently introduced die

/reads Attack on Titan and gets nervous when arms go missing

/reads Attack on Titan and gets really upset about Mike's death

Interviewer: How do you feel when a character dies?

Isayama: .Let's see. In the first place, the characters who appeared in Volume 1 were originally created with the intention to kill them off eventually so it's like aah, it's time for them to fulfill their role... Something like that. The reason there's a gap between what the person drawing is feeling and the people reading are feeling is because I'm the one bringing the characters to life from white paper so in the end, I just feel like they're drawings I've drawn on paper. So, that's why I'm able to kill characters that I had planned on killing without any hesitation.

...just needed to get that out of  my system.


Finished both seasons of the Tokyo Ghoul anime last night. Not the smartest decision, but it's one of the more intriguing anime in a long time. Plus, each season is only 12 episodes as opposed to...Bleach/Naruto.

So much bloody feels though. And some of the loose ends of the anime drive me nuts. Apparently it's similar in the manga series as well.

So. On to the manga.

PS: Shū Tsukiyama kills me, especially the toilet scenes. Something tells me that anything involving Tsukiyama x Kaneki will be pure crack...or maybe like Hannigram with less angst and a shitload more crack.

loving the fandom

So apparently people are going nuts over a Hannibal fic where the good doctor noms one of Will's nuts...by Will's nuts, I mean testicles.

Because it (the fic, not the nut) is wrong. But good. But wrong!


Very hot. So steam.

Have yet to and very unlikely going to watch the movie because reading the trilogy's very first chapter gave me a headache.

Still, this is one hell of a sexy reinterpretation of a track. (And the fan vid is pretty sizzling too.)

Also. Irene Adler > Mr Grey. Oh you know it.


Bueller? Bueller?

Logged on to The Hype Machine again. It's been a while because I can no longer write papers and reports or craft blurbs of text at work when listening to lyrics that make sense...I don't think I do a lot of the things I once did prior to joining this organisation. Has it really been only 3 years? It feels like a lifetime ago. But that's not the point.

The point is Jarryd James' "Do You Remember", Phoebe Ryan's cover of "Ignition/Do You..." (R.Kelly/Miguel Cover) and the joy of discovering new music, of artists that you have never heard before from places other than the radio.

And where else than LJ to post about new music found from blogs? Ah, almost feels like the old days.

So Rufus Wainwright is coming down to Singapore again. Apparently he was here last year for a jazz festival and according to a colleague who attended the event, he was "whiny" and threw a tantrum when people wouldn't stop talking when he was performing. LOL. Ah, Rufus. At least he will be having his own concert this round. barefootlawyer says we should attend his concert as he was "part of our [emo] adolescence". (Of course when I pointed out that we're still emo asses, I was promptly ignored. XD;)

Well then. Back to churning out that damn report.

The real winner of SG GE 2011 is...
Yam Ah Mee, the Returning Officer.

Slightly amused by the whole thing and so putting this post up as a sort of sticky for future reference.

Just saying
Dear World,

What will it take to have Benedict Cumberbatch play the role of Crowley in the Good Omens live series?

PS: Hell, it would be fricking awesome if he did end up as Aziraphale as well. Really.


Meet me in Ulduar
I can count the number of gamer friends I have in my RL social circles, much less the WoW gamer geeks. Still, the following videos are too good to not post.

Cut to spare you from Wall of VidsCollapse )

It's been a while...
It's been a while, but I am glad that Adele is back after disappearing from the music radar since "Hometown Glory".

Can't quite pinpoint what is is about her about her that appeals so much to me. Sure, she has a gorgeous voice, but there are plenty of female vocalists out there with "big voices". Her lyrics don't blow me out of the water either. So I am guessing it's her strange blend of folksy country blues and pop. That or I love the fact that she's a big girl with huge vocals with a bigger personality who just puts herself out there.

But what do I know, aye? Just listen to her latest album "21" if you have a chance. XD;

It starts of with "Rolling In the Deep", which has a vid with plenty of interesting visuals. However, my favourite has got to be "Rumour Has It" with its bitchy lyrics, even bitchier origins and Red Indian vibes blues... yes, seriously.

"Set Fire to the Rain" is one of those Big Vocals tracks and it's uploaded because I feel like it. (There's a cover of The Cure's "Lovesong" in her album as well, but it isn't quite my thing.)

Adele - Rolling In the Deep

Adele - Rumour Has It

Adele - Set Fire to the Rain


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